Have you already stopped hearing about The Great American Eclipse that occurred last week Monday? If you’d listen in to the fourth grade room, you’d hear a lot about the eclipse still today! This may be partly because the HTLS fourth graders got to witness the eclipse along with approximately 5,000 other celestial thrill-seekers at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on August 21.

“There were a lot of people there looking at the eclipse on TV, through glasses, boxes, and the pinhole projectors that we got to make,” said Faith Neil, HTLS fourth grader. “And there were really nice people there that gave us their glasses to look through.” The glasses sure did make the experience “more real” for the whole class. Now don’t get me wrong; the pinhole projectors and boxes provided a great illustration of what was going on up in the sky. Both tools even helped us discover that if we made a small circle with our fingers, we could view the eclipse on the ground without the pinhole projectors. But, nothing could compare to slipping those dark glasses over our eyes and gazing up at the real deal: the moon eclipsing the mighty sun!

It was amazing to see the wonders that God created dancing in the sky that day. Everyone agreed that having a little less sunlight around 2:59 pm, when Tampa experienced about an 81% solar eclipse, was a real treat. But, that didn’t top the well-needed and delicious treat of an ice cream cone on the trip back from MOSI.