By Rhea Ramey, HTLS Parent

Pack your backpacks! This next school year’s adventure is about to begin. New ideas to explore, old friends to share summer stories with. So much will be familiar, and so much will be new! In fact, there will be two new elementary teachers joining the Holy Trinity family this fall and we can’t wait!

Katherine Larson will begin with us as a 2nd grade teacher. She has been teaching for the past 16 years since earning a BS in Elementary Education, with a minor in Physical Education, from Concordia University in Nebraska. Kathy loves sports, especially basketball, football, and volleyball and is an athlete herself. In fact, one of her recent students entered her in a triathlon as a birthday gift. “I’m glad that I did it, that I finished, and I wasn’t in last place!,” she says. Kathy decided at a young age that she would be a teacher. In fact, her second grade teacher was one of the biggest influences on the person and educator she has become. “Her philosophy was to be firm, but loving.” Kathy still keeps in touch with her former teacher and seeks her advice often. Having a strong mentor, someone you can go to for support as a student and as an individual is so important. We are lucky to have that in Kathy! And, did you know she is a Holy Trinity alumnus?! Welcome back!

Katherine Vogel will begin her teaching career here at Holy Trinity teaching 3rd grade. She is a recent graduate, with a BS in Elementary Education from Concordia University as well. Her interests include reading, spending time outdoors, and travel! She’s frequently combined her love of education and travel by traveling to China and Las Vegas to teach. Katherine comes from a family of teachers, therefore always knew she wanted to do the same. Her grandmother had a tremendous influence on her as she shared incredible stories from her own career. “I believe that no person is the same. God created each of us to be unique individuals. Therefore, not all students learn the same. The ways we learn are never wrong, just different!” Katherine loves seeing that moment of recognition when a student truly understands something new in the classroom, or when they become empowered by an experience outside of the classroom.

Individualized student attention and developing well rounded minds, hearts, and spirits are our priority here at Holy Trinity Lutheran School. All of our teachers embody this philosophy. Our new teachers are as excited as you are to see what the upcoming school year brings! So, when you meet them, don’t forget to say hello!