Did you know that your Elementary student may be eligible for free support services through Hillsborough County School District? Yes, I said free! As a private school in Florida, qualifying HTLS students are entitled to receive Title I services. So what is Title I and how do you know if your student qualifies? In Hillsborough County, 90 of the public Elementary Schools are identified as Title I schools. If the public school your home address is zoned for is one of these 90 schools, your student is eligible for services.

Ok, so now that we know who is eligible, what exactly are these services and how can they help your child? Hillsborough County has a contract with Catapult Learning, LLC to provide qualified and experienced teachers to deliver Title I services for Reading and Math. Administrators (that’s me!) meet with their assigned Catapult teacher to determine which of the students are address eligible for services. From there, the teachers make recommendations as to whether the qualifying students show academic need and could use the extra help in the subject areas covered by Title I. Our current teacher, Beth Kellar, is in her 3rd year at Holy Trinity and also happens to be a parent of one of our Tiny Tigers! Parents of eligible students are given consent forms for services and after those have been returned, Mrs. Kellar can begin to work with the students twice per week. The students work in groups by grade and/or skill level, and activities are age appropriate and fun! Mrs. Kellar also keeps communication open with the classroom teacher and the administration to ensure that focus is placed on areas in which students need the most growth.

If you are interested in learning any more details about Title I, you can visit the following website, http://www.sdhc.k12.fl.us/departments/43/federal-programs-title-i/about/ or contact me at [email protected].