Hello! Miss Vogel here! The third and fourth graders at Holy Trinity were able to travel back in time on March 23rd when we traveled to Cracker Country. The field trip was a lot of fun and it had a lot of interactive activities. The third graders and I wanted to share some of our favorite memories with you about our trip!

1. What was your favorite part of Cracker Country?

  • J.L.: “My favorite part of Cracker Country was the toys and the garden.”
  • A.V.: “My favorite part was when we washed clothes the old-fashioned way.”
  • P.D.: “I really liked the gift shop and getting to make butter.”
  • R.E.: “I liked the candles, the house, and the store.
  • Miss Vogel: “I really enjoyed seeing how excited and inquisitive the students were about each activity. We got to take part in a lot of fun activities. I also enjoyed seeing the printing press and the candle-making process.”

2. What is one fact you learned at Cracker Country?

  • N.G.: “I liked learning about what time in the year plants grow. My favorite part was the garden.”
  • G.N.: “I learned that back then soap was made from water and animal fat.”
  • L.S.: (How Cracker Country got its name): “The word ‘cracker’ isn’t about food. It’s the crack in the whip from the cow herders.”
  • K.M.: “I learned that sand doesn’t catch on fire.”
  • K.R.: “I learned how to make soap and candles.”