This just in--They came. They learned. They conquered.

Our elementary students and their families came and took over the school on Thursday, February 22nd for Family STEAM Night. With a fun night ahead of them, over 40 students arrived excited to challenge their STEAM skills. The evening began with a STEAM Open House. We had a number of community partners come and provide information and resources to our students and their families, including Nancy Larson Science, TECO, Hillsborough County Public Library, Catapult Learning, a computer engineer, and an electrical engineer.

Families then traveled to the classrooms to participate in four fun-filled, Olympic-themed, STEAM challenges. Ms. Hemmann and Ms. Vogel helped students build bobsleds and tested them using various ramps and slopes. Mrs. Knecht challenged families to work together using only one rubber band and five strings to stack cups. Ms. Larson built marshmallow shooters with students and challenged them to shoot marshmallows through the Olympic rings. Mrs. Mitchell assisted the students in making their own lava lamps and exploring chemical reactions. Finally, the night ended with a blast – of soda! Students and their families watched a demonstration of how Mentos reacted with different types of sodas, resulting in some epic geysers.

Thank you to all who came out to help or participate in our first Family STEAM Night!