Caitlyn DeJose

Have you ever been to Fort Foster? Well if you haven’t been, you have to go! It will be an extraordinary experience for you. Fort Foster has many thrilling activities planned for you to do. Such as meeting the Seminole Indians, and you can also go to the infirmary, or watch them shoot their muskets and look at all the cool tents. Don’t forget to go on the weekend so you can see the live reenactments of the Second Seminole War. I hope you enjoy your time there — I sure did!

Alex Martinez

The musket firing was really cool and the Seminole Natives were really cool. This one guy [Seminole Indian] had a ring through his nose. The infirmary was really cool too. They showed the medical stuff that they used. And all of Fort Foster was really interesting that day!

Faith Neil

When we walked into Fort Foster, we strolled back in time. We talked with soldiers from 1837. We watched them load and fire guns. It was loud! We walked across the bridge [over the Hillsborough River] they were protecting. We came home with fun trinkets that remind me of the Second Seminole War.

Taylor Ball

Fort Foster was super fun to go to. First, we had to drive there. It was long! Then, we had to walk on a trail. There were lots of plants and trees on the trail. Next, when we had finished walking on the trail, we saw the soldier reenactors. We got to go inside their tents. Then, we got to talk and ask them questions. We also got to go inside the fort. It was super cool. We got to see a cannon. It was big! Next, we crossed a bridge and met the Seminole Indians. We saw them make a fire. Then we left for lunch. Yummy! It [lunch] was at a big park. We also got to play on the playground. Finally, we left to come back to school. We had a fun day at Fort Foster!